Is Slingbox Next in Big Content’s Crosshairs?

“Hollywood is not happy about the SlingBox, and that displeasure is becoming increasingly visible. The SlingBox is a device that “place-shifts” your television programming by streaming it across the Internet for remote viewing on a laptop or portable device, but the ability to watch your TV anywhere in the world is making some broadcasters nervous. HBO’s Bob Zitter was the latest in a long line of television executives to make ominous rumbling noises about the legality of the new technology.

“No one has yet come out of the litigation closet to announce plans to sue the new company, but plenty of people are willing to question Sling’s business model. Is this just FUD on the part of content owners, or does it have some basis in law?”

ArsTechnica. Will Hollywood Sue the SlingBox Out of Existence? April 27, 2006.

Updates (Originally published in CopyCense on May 2, 2006):

Greg Sandoval. Major League Baseball Takes Swing At Sling Media. June 6, 2006.

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