Google’s Washington Visit Falls Flat

“Dressed in blue jeans, silver mesh sneakers and a black T-shirt and jacket, Google Inc. co-founder Sergey Brin came to Washington yesterday to lobby members of Congress and found it was a little harder than he had hoped it would be to get meetings.

“Brin, 31, described himself as naive about the ways of Washington. He said his trip was not well organized and admitted that he did not know which way Congress was tilting on the main issue that brought him to the nation’s capital.

“He and co-founder Larry Page made their fortunes by influencing cyberspace, not Capitol Hill. But the rapid rise of Google has plunged the company into public policy issues that the company is just learning to address. Google’s Washington presence is limited to a four-person office, which opened last year, and a contract with lobbying firm PodestaMattoon.”

Arshad Mohammed and Sara Kehaulani Goo. Google Is A Tourist In D.C., Brin Finds. June 7, 2006.

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06/13/2006 at 08:37

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