Washington Shows Web Companies No Love

“An impressive array of tech titans has joined the It’s Our Net coalition. Among them: Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, eBay, Amazon, and IAC/Interactive. They’re banding together to fight for rules aimed at preventing what they say would be discrimination by telephone and cable companies in directing Web traffic. The group has enlisted a diverse cadre of supporters, from the conservative Christian Coalition, to the liberal, to consumer-minded groups like the Consumer Union.

“But for all that seemingly formidable firepower, the coalition has had a tough time finding support in Washington. In particular, it’s struggled to enlist the aid of the many lobbyists who can make all the difference in getting a message to the right legislator at the right time.

“Why? Established telecom and cable companies, well-versed in the ways of Washington, are sitting on the opposite side of the policy issue.”

Burt Helm. Web Titans’ D.C. Blues. BusinessWeek Online. June 8, 2006.

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06/13/2006 at 08:50

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