Pornographers Against Piracy

“What worries Jason Tucker, a new breed of pornographer that heads Falcon Foto, isn’t the possibility of a raid on Falcon’s studio — a 40-acre farm north of Los Angeles — or a congressional hearing scrutinizing his industry. It’s piracy. Falcon, which he runs with his former-model wife, Gail Harris, owns the rights to more than 2 million photos and 350 videos.

“At a recent shoot at the ranch, Tucker is livid after learning that a Falcon-owned photo appeared in a magazine without authorization, having been downloaded from the Internet.

“The pornography business, once relegated to a dark corner of the media world, has become a powerful, if unlikely, ally with mainstream Hollywood in the battle against digital piracy. But where mainstream companies fret endlessly before deciding how to proceed with new technologies and business models, the never-bashful porn industry is making some moves that may well show the way for Hollywood.”

BusinessWeek Online. The Pornographers vs. The Pirates. June 19, 2006.

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06/14/2006 at 08:48

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