Another European Country Reviews Apple’s FairPlay

This story has been updated. Original CopyCense coverage: June 8, 2006.

“FairPlay has been one of Apple’s best friends since the company came up with the DRM format prior to launching the iTunes Music Store. It ties songs purchased at the iTMS to Apple hardware and software, meaning that if a customer wants to listen to a purchased track, she’ll have to do it on an iPod.

“Lately, Apple’s dominance of the digital music download scene has come under the scrutiny of some European governments. Earlier this week, the Norwegian government ruled that the FairPlay DRM used in the iTMS was unreasonable. It also found that iTMS pricing was discriminatory and that Apple’s terms and conditions are too restrictive.

“As a result of the decision, Apple will have to alter its terms and conditions for its Norwegian iTMS storefront by June 21. This may prove to be the first domino to be toppled in what could become a long string, as the governments of Denmark and Sweden are also investigating similar complaints against the iPod maker.”

Ars Technica. Apple Could Find Trouble in Norway. June 7, 2006.


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