Framing Redux

We love — love — the radio show “Fresh Air,” hosted by the razor sharp Terry Gross, and yesterday’s show provided another shining example. She interviewed Frank Luntz, name partner in the Luntz Research Companies (now Luntz, Maslansky Strategic Research), and widely regarded as one of the nation’s most influential pollsters. Luntz’s clientele traditionally has leaned toward big business and Republican causes, which has led some to suggest that his work and research is overtly politicized.

The interview centered on Luntz’s practice of using and crafting position-oriented language to sway public opinion. Hidden beneath the surface of this entire interview was the issue of framing. Luntz talked not only about language use, but also about how to use language to frame entire conversations or debates. What was notable about Gross’ interview was her consistent, incisive challenge of Luntz’s language choices and shading, which he denied was euphemistic.

For an analysis of how framing applies within the copyright debate, see K. Matthew Dames’ article “Framing the Copyright Debate,” which appears in the September 2006 edition of Information Today magazine.

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01/10/2007 at 09:00

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