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Editor’s Note: Site Check is a special section that shares with our audience noteworthy Web sites or user-generated content. Previously, a part of our weekly Copycense Clippings coverage, Site Check now is a special section that appears on Thursdays.

If you have or can recommend a Web site, online project, podcast, screencast, or video you feel is a noteworthy contribution to the public debate about creativity, code, and content, please let us know. We gladly will attribute all contributions, so when sending in a Site, please include your name (or screen name).

Good Copy, Bad Copy. A nearly hour-long documentary that discusses the current state of copyright, derivative works, and free culture. Features interviews with Danger Mouse, Lawrence Lessig, and others. Categories: Licensing & Permissions; Music; Open Source. (Attribution: The Patry Copyright Blog.) RSS Feed. Carl Malamud and Peter Brantley get Register of Copyrights Marybeth Peters to confirm (.pdf) that the data in the Copyright Office’s registration database is free to use, then use that data as a source to provide an RSS feed of the Office’s latest registrations. Categories: Registration. (Attribution: O’Reilly Radar.)

Soundsnap. Soundsnap is an open source repository of sound effects, loops, and sonic atmospherics that visitors can rip, mix, and burn to their heart’s content, according to the site’s license. It serves as an alternative to commercial sound libraries or sample CDs. Sounds are freely downloadable, often in compressed (.mp3) and uncompressed (.wav) sound formats. Categories: Licensing & Permissions; Music; Open Source. (Attribution: Second Life Insider.)

Amen Brother video. A great video from 2004 that chronicles the history of the “Amen, Brother” break beat from The Winstons. The single is approaching its 40th anniversary. Nate Harrison’s choppy, monotone, almost robotic delivery is oddly effective. Categories: Licensing & Permissions; Music. (Attribution: The Patry Copyright Blog.)

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