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Editor’s Note: Site Check is a special section that shares with our audience noteworthy Web sites or user-generated content. Previously, a part of our weekly Copycense Clippings coverage, Site Check now is a special section that appears on Thursdays.

If you have or can recommend a Web site, online project, podcast, screencast, or video you feel is a noteworthy contribution to the public debate about creativity, code, and content, please let us know. We gladly will attribute all contributions, so when sending in a Site, please include your name (or screen name).

Copyright Law of the United States (Circular 92). The most recent complete online edition of America’s copyright law (17 U.S.C. sec. 101, et seq.) includes all statutory amendments through the 109th Congress in 2006.

TED. Larry Lessig: How Creativity Is Being Strangled By the Law. November 2007. Despite his professed retirement from the IP hustle (see also below), Stanford law professor Lawrence Lessig clearly and succinctly summarizes the pressing legal and societal problems that occur when law shackles creativity. Categories: Bundle of Rights; Fair Use & Other Exceptions; Remixes & Derivative Works. (Attribution: Carol Schwartz) Corruption Lecture – alpha version. Oct. 14, 2007. Lessig’s first foray into the world of “corruption.”

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