K. Matthew Dames Interviews Copyright Clearance Center CEO

The Copyright Clearance Center (“CCC”) is an organization about which many information professionals have formed opinions. The opinions vary from positive to negative; they may be formed based on direct involvement with the company or its representatives, or through hearsay. The organization plays a pivotal role in the symbiotic, yet often contentious, relationship between those people and entities that need information and those who wish to make it available. But CCC also has become – fairly or unfairly – a lightning rod in an environment that has elevated copyright law into the forefront of social, political, legal, and commercial discourse.

As CCC’s president and chief executive officer, Tracey Armstrong is responsible for managing the delicate balance between collecting licensing revenues for copyright owners and advocating for new ways to deliver information to end users. Armstrong, who has worked for the organization since 1989, became CCC’s CEO last summer, succeeding Joseph Alen. The organization she leads earned more than $175 million for the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2007, and has enjoyed strong growth for several consecutive years. At the same time, she takes over the company in a time of unprecedented legal flux, and will be expected to maximize licensing revenue and company earnings in the midst of uncertainty.

During an hour-long interview that Copycense executive editor K. Matthew Dames conducted with Armstrong earlier this year, Armstrong indicated she welcomes the challenge.

The January 2008 edition of Online magazine will feature a substantial portion Dames’ interview with Armstrong, which is one of the first extensive interviews a CCC executive has given in several years. Both candid and engaging, Armstrong answers questions about CCC’s organization and structure; the business’ opportunities and challenges; and CCC’s role in the larger debate about access to information.

The full interview will be republished on Copycense in Spring 2008.

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Correction: Copyright Clearance Center Inc. is a New York not-for-profit corporation. As such, CCC does not earn profits, as a previous version of this post indicated.

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