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Editor’s Note: Site Check is a special section that shares with our audience noteworthy Web sites or user-generated content. Previously, a part of our weekly Copycense Clippings coverage, Site Check now is a special section that appears on Thursdays.

If you have or can recommend a Web site, online project, podcast, screencast, or video you feel is a noteworthy contribution to the public debate about creativity, code, and content, please let us know. We gladly will attribute all contributions, so when sending in a Site, please include your name (or screen name).

The Promise of a Post-Copyright World. Again, we feature the work of, which provides an interesting historical perspective on industry attempts to induce a copyright choke hold. Categories: Bundle of Rights; File Sharing, P2P & Downloads; International.

Copycense™: Incisive IP.

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01/17/2008 at 08:59

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