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Editor’s Note: Site Check is a special section that shares with our audience noteworthy Web sites or user-generated content. Previously, a part of our weekly Copycense Clippings coverage, Site Check now is a special section that appears on Thursdays.

If you have or can recommend a Web site, online project, podcast, screencast, or video you feel is a noteworthy contribution to the public debate about creativity, code, and content, please let us know. We gladly will attribute all contributions, so when sending in a Site, please include your name (or screen name).

CD Liner Notes of the Distant Present. A hilarious parody of the RIAA’s business model, set out in the form of compact disc liner notes. Categories: Music; Politics & Government. (Attribution: Boing Boing)

I Can’t Stop Thinking #6. Comic and visualization guru Scott McLeod draws and talks about Napster, artists, and record buying economics … back in 2001. Six years later, it still remains relevant. Categories: Music.

RIAA Declares Using Brain to Remember Songs is Criminal Copyright Infringement.’s satirical treatment of the RIAA’s litigation campaign (albeit based upon the incorrect reporting that RIAA claimed ripping to CD is a copyright infringement). Categories: Broadcasting & Journalism; Cases & Litigation; File Sharing, P2P & Downloads; Music. (Attribution: Bambi Musings)

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