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Yes, we’re even more shocked than you are that we’ve (a) set up a Twitter account; and (b) are actually using said account.

In truth, however, we have been mulling the editorial direction of Copycense for some time. (i.e. Do we still do news, since so many others do it? Do we continue with pithy short posts? Do we devote our time to longer posts like the Girl Talk article?)

It turns out we actually find some use for the Twitter approach. (And no, Oprah’s embrace had absolutely nothing to do with our decision.)

Lo, verily, and thus, we are going to migrate our short news posts to our Twitter presence for the time being. This will allow us to reserve this space for longer, more expansive works.

Copycense is on Twitter at (And yes, if you know anything about Copycense, you will realize the avatar is totally tongue-in-cheek.)

Written by Copycense Editorial

04/17/2009 at 10:00

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