Copycense in The New York Times

Copycense and its executive editor, K. Matthew Dames, have been noted by The New York Times’ Freakonomics blog for our two-year coverage of the misuse of the term “piracy” in connection with intellectual property. The Freakonomics blog also cites Dames’ working paper of the history of the term piracy, both in the English language and in American legal usage.


– Freakonomics blog (The New York Times). Pirates Steal Ships, Not Songs. April 23, 2009.

– K. Matthew Dames. The Etymology of Piracy (working paper). SSRN. April 21, 2009.

– Copycense. Dismantling the Frame of Piracy. April 18, 2007.

– K. Matthew Dames. Framing the Copyright Debate. Information Today. September 2006.

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