Copycense Weekly Review (through Dec. 17, 2011)

Copycense social media posts on copyright, communications, intellectual property and the media industries from December 11 through December 17, 2011.


  • As family battles over her assets, singer Etta James is terminally ill & fighting for her life #music
  • Beyonce 2010 tour: Tells story of record label execs telling her first solo album had no hits. Result
  • All 10 hours of House #SOPA Day 1 debate, and then some #copyright
  • RT @juditrius: Take action: Ask Johnson & Johnson to join the medicines patent pool for hiv/aids
  • Dec. 13, 2011: 300th anniversary of New York’s first slave market. Located on Wall St.
  • Per @whitehouse: “Happy Bill of Rights Day” (Thursday) | Fast forward to utter imbecility at #SOPA hearing, Day 1. How the mighty has fallen
  • RT @loricnet: Cats could do a better job governing. #SOPA is a giant hairball, anyway.
  • Catching up on #SOPA timeline coverage. At point where folks are talking about this fiasco | Are they serious?
  • “Droit de suite” bill introduced in US congress. This is provided for in Berne Convention but not required.
  • 15 Dec /HT @howardknopf
  • DNS expert Paul Vixie on #SOPA harms #copyright /HT @mmasnick @normative
  • RT @primusluta: “I’m not arguing with you about technology here” Rep. Watt …. uh yeah this is about technology #SOPA
  • RT @onthemedia @NYTimes says it should have credited @Techdirt for breaking news about music website and domain seizure
  • Hearing, debates sounds nice, but I stand by Nov. 28 prediction — esp. with “too fast” meme: #copyright #sopa
  • 15 Dec
  • RT @nancyprager: [Clerk’s] got a cup of water. Bright side for all tech geeks watching is she is cute. Bet a meme develops around her. #sopa
  • House Judiciary Committee markup hearing on #SOPA: (audio) OR (video) #copyright
  • Someone *please* be humane: throw the clerk a bottle of water, at the least #SOPA
  • Berman tried to save the clerk, but alas, she must continue reading. Good for citizenship; sucks to be the clerk #SOPA #copyright
  • Watching House #SOPA hearing. I feel for the woman assigned to read all this text into the record. She’s just on the definitions section.
  • What person or organization is behind Rep. Issa’s name is on the Web site, but not really clear #sopa #copyright
  • The anti free software movement: pay developers
  • The pro & con advertising campaigns behind SOPA/PIPA #copyright
  • Jared Polis (D-CO), former Web entrepreneur, on #SOPA #copyright
  • Hachette: “Self-publishing is a misnomer” | @jakonrath: “giant bowl of steaming fail”
  • Scholars decline to act as reviewers, even as tenure depends on peer-reviewed publications
  • Authors Guild Files for Class Certification in Google Case /HT @LloydJassin
  • Indie bookseller on’s price comparison offer (which, BTW, excludes books) /HT @LawandLit
  • Life Cycle of a Book HT @LawandLit
  • Library Wars: Amazon, publishers vie for control of e-Book rentals /HT @DrRimmer #books #copyright
  • Comedian Louis C.K. posts numbers on his direct-to-consumer comedy tour
  • USA: Court denies software company’s attempt to censor consumer complaints on the Web /HT @RonColeman
  • The Facebook resisters #social
  • Amazon’s decent treatment of authors doesn’t seem to extend to app developers /HT @CraigGrannell #mobile
  • Secret terms & conditions every #music subscription service must agree to HT @airvpn #copyright
  • Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane Oscar up for auction
  • LoC: Digital preservation and the online video revolution
  • Editorial: Rent-seeking leads to executive “atrophy” /HT @AdamThierer #copyright
  • Corporate use of Google’s ContentID to claim ownership of public domain works
  • In the so-called year of the e-book, retail bookshops are reporting brisk sales for high-priced titles
  • #Copyright & “remix culture”: The new Prohibition? /HT @howardknopf | Oy.
  • “There is a legitimate policy dispute about how disruptive government enforcement powers should be” /HT @howardknopf¬†#SOPA #copyright
  • RT @BerinSzoka: Is #SOPA markup still on for Thursday? Not on House Judiciary page … rules require 36 hours’ notice #OPEN #copyright
  • Visual Resources Assn.: Fair use of images for teaching, research & study [pdf] #copyright
  • William Patry, “How to Fix Copyright” out now #copyright
  • HathiTrust response to Authors Guild claims of #copyright infringement [pdf]
  • William Patry (2005) on Bikram Yoga’s #copyright claim & why Bikram press release is wrong
  • RE @CopyrightOffice says Bikram Yoga is exercise, not protectible choreography #copyright
  • 75 years in, Consumer Reports makes money in print and online
  • USA: Even without #SOPA, court OKs private #domain seizure based upon counterfeit sales allegation

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