Copycense Weekly Review (through Dec. 24, 2011)

Copycense social media posts on copyright, communications, intellectual property and the media industries from December 18 through December 24, 2011.

  • “Go Daddy No Longer Supports SOPA” #copyright
  • Why does Bill Patry’s old book (2009) cost more than his new book (2011) on the Kindle?
  • Paper: Orphan Works: Definitional Issues #copyright
  • Singer Cesaria Evora died last Saturday. She was 70. #music…
  • Cornell, Technion (Israel) win NYC science campus bid
  • Wolverine uploader: 1 year federal prison; “strong message of deterrence to pirates” #copyright
  • The Economist explores progeny, history of seminal “Amen, Brother” break beat #music /HT @wayneandwax
  • RE Veoh wins #DMCA battle, still dead as a door nail #copyright
  • Hollywood exec: “Our mistake was allowing this romantic word — piracy — to take hold” #copyright
  • USA: Federal appeals court affirms #DMCA safe harbor protection in UMG v. Veoh [pdf] #copyright
  • Judge in YMCA #copyright termination lawsuit allows Songwriters Guild amici briefs
  • Adobe’s no-choice embrace of HTML5 #media #Web
  • How the “jobs” frame failed to work magic in the AT&T/T-Mobile deal #mobile
  • Framing T-Mobile/AT&T: Low prices, choice & consumer benefit = harm to stock prices? /HT @artbrodsky
  • RT @copyrightclear: Open-Textbook Idea Is Gaining Steam
  • Harry Potter U.S. publisher releases YA time travel series with gaming tie-in
  • USA: Intl Trade Commission rules Android smartphone features protected by Apple #patent #mobile
  • AT&T Ends $39 Billion Bid for T-Mobile #mobile
  • Lemley, Levine, Post: Don’t Break the Internet #SOPA #copyright
  • RT @LawandLit: Who gets custody of Twitter when an employee quits?
  • Artist without registered Nielsen SoundScan sale gets Grammy nomination #music
  • Microsoft: We Can Remotely Delete Windows 8 Apps
  • Research Note: #Copyright Infringement & Enforcement in the US: [pdf]
  • “[W]hen Napster blew a hole in the paradigm, everybody was sacrificed but the top guy” #copyright #music

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