NYT Editorial Supports Network Neutrality

“When you use the Internet today, your browser glides from one Web site to another, accessing all destinations with equal ease. That could change dramatically, however, if Internet service providers are allowed to tilt the playing field, giving preference to sites that pay them extra and penalizing those that don’t.

“The Senate held hearings last week on “network neutrality,” the principle that I.S.P.’s — the businesses like Verizon or Roadrunner that deliver the Internet to your computer — should not be able to stack the deck in this way. If the Internet is to remain free, and freely evolving, it is important that neutrality legislation be passed.”

The New York Times. Tollbooths on the Internet Highway (Editorial). Feb. 20, 2006.


Grant Gross. Fight Brewing in Congress Over Net Neutrality. Computerworld. Feb. 21, 2006.

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02/23/2006 at 08:49

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