RIAA Says Selling Music-Filled IPods Is Infringement

“It’s a modern dilemma: That iPod you got last year seems so lame now that a newer version is out. If you’re the type that needs to switch up MP3 players like you change sneakers, one of the easiest ways to unload the devices is by selling them on Web.

“But given all the lawsuits over illegally traded music, you might ask yourself, ‘Is it legal to sell a device loaded with your signature mix of tunes?'”

“The Recording Industry Association of America — the lobbying group behind the thousands of lawsuits over unauthorized sharing and downloading of songs — says the answer is definitely no. ‘Selling an iPod preloaded with music is no different than selling a DVD onto which you have burned your entire music collection,’ the RIAA said in a statement. ‘Either act is a clear violation of U.S. copyright law. The RIAA is monitoring this means of infringement. In short: seller beware.'”

Gil Kaufman. Thinking About Selling Your Used Ipod? Not So Fast, Says RIAA. MTV News. Feb. 9, 2006.

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Fred Reed. Music Industry Souring on IPod. Washington Times. Feb. 18, 2006.

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