Tech Blog Summarizes Top IP Cases of 2005

“Cyberspace continues to present fascinating and novel intellectual property issues. What follows is our attempt at identifying some of the more significant ‘Cyberspace Intellectual Property’ decisions of 2005. Once again, it was quite a year, with the Supreme Court’s decision in the Grokster case heading the list.

“Cyberspace intellectual property law is maturing, as evidenced by the fact that among our top ten cases are one U.S. Supreme Court and five U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals cases. And we are also seeing the courts struggling with the boundaries of trademark law, as they recognize that not every use of someone else’s trademark in Cyberspace provides a basis for an infringement claim.

“Here are our ‘top ten’ cases (thirteen, actually), followed by other cases which we felt are significant enough to mention. This list is not meant to be exhaustive, nor are the cases presented in any particular order of importance.”

John Ottovani and Eric Goldman. Top Cyberspace IP Cases of 2005. Technology & Marketing Law Blog. Feb. 21, 2006.

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