Games Give Authors New Revenue Stream

“As soon as David Hodgson opened the bundle, he realized that a clock had started ticking on a new assignment: he had four months to write a manual on how to extort, kill and otherwise take over a New York mob family. The task was particularly harrowing, in part because he wanted to make sure that his prose was well organized and clear.

“Inside the package was an early copy of the much-anticipated Godfather video game that its maker, Electronic Arts, is scheduled to release later this month. Mr. Hodgson’s job was to understand every facet of the game and to write a book advising players about how to win it.

“Mr. Hodgson’s name may not ring a bell, perhaps not even with most of his readers. But he is a best-selling author, one of a platoon of 25 or so professional authors turning out books — strategy guides for video games — that can sell hundreds of thousands of copies.”

Matt Richtel. Is the Pen as Mighty as the Joystick? The New York Times. March 5, 2006.

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