Big Radio Introduces Its Own Broadcast Flag

Rep. Mike Ferguson introduced the “Audio Broadcast Flag Licensing Act of 2006,” H.R. 4861, a House companion bill to the Senate’s broadcast flag bill.

“This bill would require that all future digital radios (both terrestrial, like HD Radio, and satellite, like XM and Sirius) “include prohibitions on unauthorized copying and redistribution of transmitted content.” The FCC would be tasked with working out the details.

“This is the culmination of months of lobbying by the RIAA to lock down the “record” button on your next radio. Despite the fact that, under existing copyright law, building and using digital radio recorders is clearly legal, thanks to the Audio Home Recording Act.”

EFF Deep Links. Copy Protection Coming to (Digital) Radio? March 2, 2006.

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Ars Technica. New Radio Broadcast Flag Legislation Seeks to Control Innovation, Eliminate Fair Use. March 3, 2006.

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