Canadian Study Finds Most People Rip Their Own Music

“While the Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA) regularly trumpets commissioned studies as evidence for the problems posed by P2P, this week it released a major study without any fanfare whatsoever. What makes this particular study interesting is that much of the data challenges many familiar CRIA claims.

“The survey asked for the sources of music on people’s computers. Among those who download music from P2P services, the top source of music was ripping copies of their own CDs (36.4%), followed by P2P downloads (32.6%), paid downloads (20.1%), shared music from friends (8.8%), downloads from artist sites (5.6%), and other sources (2.9%). In other words, even among those who download music from P2P services, the music acquired on those services account for only one-third of the music on their computers as store-bought CDs remain the single largest source of music for downloaders.”

Michael Geist. CRIA’s Own Study Counters P2P Claims. March 17, 2006.

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