Copycense Weekly Review (through Dec. 3, 2011)

Copycense social media posts on copyright, communications, intellectual property and the media industries from November 27 through December 3, 2011.

  • Complaint in Bikram’s #copyright infringement lawsuit vs. competing Yoga studio [pdf]
  • Bikram’s at it again: sues former student for allegedly violating #copyright in hot yoga poses
  • Filmmakers seek to renew #DMCA anti-circumvention exemption for DVDs [pdf] #copyright
  • @CopyrightOffice digitizing 70 million+ images /HT @Clancco_ArtLaw
  • EU: E-book sales hampered by 25% tax
  • Workers use labor law to dispute disciplinary actions related to social media use /HT @sunil_abraham @PRC_Amber
  • RT @ARLpolicy: Library #Copyright Alliance comments on 1201 DRM exceptions: Blog summary to come!
  • Read this @jakonrath post | 6,200 miles on a 2006 book tour. If he’s making money now, don’t knock the hustle
  • Minority Media & Telecom Council supports SOPA/PIPA passage [pdf] /HT @MPAA | Response stuck between chuckling & “Oy!”
  • If your business is access to digital information, and you don’t fight for every penny and access provision, stop whining about #copyright
  • Tired of reading about #copyright hindering access to digital collections, when institutions don’t aggressively negotiate license contacts
  • “What would happen if all movie-downloading BitTorrent users made the switch to Netflix?” #copyright
  • RT @pranesh_prakash: European firms building their own #cloud services to avoid lax US data #privacy laws:
  • @primusluta RE Yeah, I looked twice at it; concluded “benefit of the doubt”
  • Kojo Nnamdi Show: Stopping Online #Piracy #copyright
  • McGruff the Crime Dog on “piracy” & knock-offs /HT @MPAA
  • How SOPA/PIPA Affects Your Small Business /HT @DanaNewman #copyright
  • BBC Click interview with Neelie Kroes spokeman on #copyright /HT @ArtistsRights
  • Scholarly press rents articles | No print, no download; straight cash, homie /HT @copyrightgirl
  • A +1 for @IDEALAW series interpreting common contract/ToS clauses
  • Why Uncle Sam wants to save T-Mobile from AT&T #mobile
  • USAG on “piracy”: “The public’s proactive attention … can help us to disrupt the sale of illegal goods”
  • @mmasnick interview with author (and former IP lawyer) Barry Eisler on #copyright, #SOPA
  • The tautolgy of #copyright law’s “irreparable harm” injunction standard
  • Cable companies seeking to charge extra for Netflix, Hulu streaming
  • RT @howardknopf: Samsung Defeats Apple-Sought Ban in Australia
  • Sci-fi author: Big 6 publishers cutting their own throats with e-book #DRM #amwriting #copyright
  • Lipitor loses #patent, goes generic /HT @BoothSweet
  • Net Neutrality Is Too Regulatory, but Stop Online Piracy Isn’t? #copyright #sopa
  • Economist: Redraft #SOPA more tightly #copyright
  • New @CopyrightOffice proposal [pdf] could put DMCA safe harbor at risk #copyright
  • Tom Moulton, the inventor of the remix, turns 71 today /HT @primusluta
  • Ray Bradbury relents, allows ‘Fahrenheit 451’ to become e-book /HT @LawandLit
  • Bronx tattoo artists say Fiat had no clearance for mural appearance in J-Lo ad /HT @howardknopf #copyright
  • Prediction: The #SOPA fallback will omit most egregious provisions, then pass in election year budget bill. Standard procedure #copyright

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