Copycense Weekly Review (through Dec. 10, 2011)

Copycense social media posts on copyright, communications, intellectual property and the media industries from December 4 through December 10, 2011.

  • Dec. 10 is Human Rights Day. Sec. Clinton on Internet freedom vs ICE seizures #copyright
  • Dec. 10 is Human Rights Day. Re: human rights & IP: UNESCO UNDHR, Art. 27 #copyright
  • Audio Drylongso: Former slaves tell their stories (via LoC): | Coverage: /HT @LawandLit
  • “For Chinese netizens, #SOPA is another great firewall” /HT @onthemedia #copyright
  • Ice Cube draws parallels between sampling and … Eames architecture?!?!? /HT @NewBlackMan | Straight boulevois
  • LOC: Digitizing & making pre-1978 @CopyrightOffice records more accessible
  • “Viacom’s lawsuit vs. Google showed studio reps surreptitiously uploaded clips … for promotional purposes” #copyright
  • RE UNESCO? UNDHR, Art. 27? #copyright
  • “This truth should be self-evident: Human rights should never be subjugated to #copyright”
  • Does red herring of tech vs. Hollywood move so-called #copyright “wars” to Defcon 2?
  • MPAA chairman slams Google over its PIPA/SOPA opposition /HT @robinhoover #copyright
  • RE … Is another salvo in the “Tech is killing #copyright” meme in the air lately
  • RE Industry verification the “culture industries” sell units, not culture #copyright
  • Music publishers’ association president: #SOPA needed to protect digital marketplace #copyright
  • “Watering down” #SOPA begins | I’m all in as of Nov. 28 #copyright
  • Outstanding reporting by @mmasnick on the Dajaz1 #domain seizure & due process problems #copyright
  • ESPN’s ® for its SportsCenter theme | Sound /HT @tm4smallbiz #trademark
  • Electronic Arts banning users from games for alleged forum comment violations #games
  • USA: Ad network not liable for #copyright Infringement in “For Dummies” e-book case
  • USA: Federal court rules pro-se blogger isn’t journalist; judgment is $2.5 million /HT @LloydJassin
  • Verizon to take on Netflix with video streaming service
  • Netflix chief: HBO Go is rival ‘we fear most’
  • ESPN reporter sues hotel, stalker for $10 million /HT @BizMediaLaw:#privacy
  • RE Official announcement UK coverage
  • RT @James_Gannon: Since when is the test for #copyright infringement “lost sales” and not “copying”?
  • “Cluetrain” author officially on the “Internet is ruining everything” bandwagon /HT @Shocklee
  • #SCOTUS cert petition in Wiley v. Kirtsaeng /HT @IPInBrief #copyright
  • Why the $2.99 e-book may signal “cheap” (Hint: Starbucks) #amwriting #books
  • @MPAA says SOPA/PIPA will have “changes” | Doubling down #copyright
  • EU investigating possible collusion between Apple, publishers in e-book market #amwriting
  • RT @CathyGellis: USA is barely more than 200 years old and already libraries and the post office are dying. Ben Franklin would be pissed.
  • @AmericanPublish joins @RIAA seek to file amicus brief in 9th Cir. RIghthaven case #copyright
  • Norweigan press boycotts Janet Jackson after singer’s photo ownership demands /HT @ArtistsRights #copyright
  • Paper: “Predicting Fair Use” #copyright
  • RT @rachaelvaughn: Matthew Sag speak about empirical fair use analysis; ~ 40% of district court cases find fair use #copyright
  • 10,000 tweets equals more than 450, 500-word blog posts | Reallocating writing time in 2012
  • RE Likely SOPA/PIPA related, then reframe convo to make well-funded tech cos. (instead of poor consumers) the devil
  • Per @robinhoover, anyone else in #copyright space notice preponderance of Hollywood v. Tech reporting in last 7-10 days? Fishy.
  • @robinhoover RE May have a point. Add Levine’s Free Ride book review Seems a coordinated effort
  • Napster closed Nov. 30; co-founder says Spotify follows Napster’s “original dream” (video) /HT @Shocklee #music
  • “Traditional media has historically done well by selling inefficiency.”
  • Economic “piracy” losses questioned, @MPAA subtly reframing to jobs lost, i.e. #copyright
  • RE Hollywood v. Tech is a sexy news story line, but there’s more synergy than difference #copyright
  • Piracy legislation pits Hollywood against Silicon Valley /HT @Cal_Lawyer
  • “There are indications that an exquisitely designed hardcover book can keep print sales high & cut into e-book sales”
  • Selling a book by its (intricately gilded) cover | Reminds me of past excitement over LP album covers #books
  • Chik-Fil-A sends C&D to Vermont who wants folks to “Eat More Kale” #trademark
  • Extra | USPS to close half of its mail processing centers; slower first class mail delivery times
  • RE No coincidence movie studios’ Ultraviolet move concurrent with SOPA/PIPA proposals #copyright
  • Will Hollywood’s ‘UltraViolet’ plan replace the DVD? | More format shift monetization #copyright #DRM
  • RT @lawgeeknz: Killing Michael Jackson gets max 4 years in prison; uploading MJ song under #SOPA gets max 5 years #copyright

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